25 comments on “Backyard visitors.

    • I’m glad you both liked them 🙂
      They are lovely birds and particular groups of them are quite bold. If you go out with a handful of sunflower seeds and don’t make eye contact you can often get them to get out of your hand, or at least come right up to you. Sometimes they start expecting food and will see you through the window and hang out on the verandah trying to get your attention, especially during summer when food is harder to find (or they are feeling lazier).

      The only problem with them is that they strip all the flowers off the plants as they eat them. They are nowhere near as destructive as the cockatoos but still, grrrrr… You can tell where they have been in the garden by the debris under the tree that tasted the nicest that day!

      • Okay, the flower eating/plant stripping not as cool, but we have that anyway with just about all our wildlife. Wild birds that will eat out of your hand? (The Husband is doing homework now. Can’t wait to tell him this tidbit!)

        • They are pretty smart birds, so they know when they are on a good thing!
          After the Black Saturday fires we had quite a few new and straggly groups of birds that turned up looking quite the worse for wear. One boundary of the fires was only on the other side of the mountain range so this valley probably looked like heaven for those poor refugees.

          We put out water and food regularly, and for a while had heaps of them every day. Some of them were clearly very used to humans and would just about mob you when you walked out of the door. After the weather changed and the fires gone, the groups slowly dispersed and I expect they either went back home or found new ranges.

          Actually, we used to have a family of magpies in the garden who were VERY bold. If you left a door open they would walk inside and help themselves to whatever was on the kitchen bench. So many tubs of butter were thrown away when we found beaks had been plunged into them 🙂

  1. Great photo. They are beautiful birds. What a treat to wake up & be greeted by their colourful little presences. I like the comment above also. We do have lots of cool stuff 🙂

    • The dog doesn’t think they are very cool though 🙂 The little Jackal runs out and tells them off, little realizing that although they are smaller than her they are probably more likely to cause damage! Lucky that they just zoom off and don’t decide to teach her a lesson 🙂

  2. -massive belly laugh- Oh Metan! Please send whoever cleans your kitchen windows over to my place!!!!!!! I probably shouldn’t say this but my windows are disgusting 😦 Maybe that’s something I should at least think about doing today. Stunning photo of the rosellas btw!

    • Ahh, see that’s the problem, no-one cleans them! The only time it happens is when I attack them with a broom when the spiderwebs start taking over a bit too much (or my mum is coming over 😉 )

      It was just as well the rosellas were front and centre. Had the photo needed to be taken closer to the window frame I probably would have been to embarassed to share that pic!

        • I’m totally with you. I need about a week of warning for a parental visit to get the house up to minimum ‘mum standard’. I will never get it up to her ‘showroom standard’ though. I wonder what her trick is, I don’t think I have ever seen her do housework….. Hmmm…. some sort of dark arts going on there methinks.

          • Maybe it’s secretly dad doing it all while she sleeps? Luckily at the moment any surprise visits when the house is a shambles (i.e. all of them) I can blame on the baby. “I have a baby! I am incapable of doing anything beyond keeping her alive! Oh and playing Tiny Tower on my iPhone!”

          • Hi dad, if you are reading this, is your secret out? No? Didn’t think so. C’mon Fi, you know that no-one could ever get up to mum standard without her supervision! (yeah mum, we are onto you!) 😉

            We are all addicted to Tiny Wings at the moment. Stupid hills….. grrrrr….
            Say Hi to the baby Rocket 🙂

    • They are so beautiful aren’t they. We also get King Parrots, the males are bright red with green wings and a little larger than the crimson rosellas.
      The windows seem deceptively clear, I’m sure my mum would have to spend ages on them to get them up to standard 😉

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