17 comments on “What could go wrong? An armed monkey. 1934.

  1. Clearly the incident gave rise to the “joke” What do you call a monkey with a gun? Answer “Sir”. Bet that was where the problem lay! Neat story.

  2. I wonder if Mr. Broomhead was ever an animal trainer and Tarzan his first pupil? That would be justice. More probably Tarzan just misheard the call of nature for the call of the jungle.

    • I really wanted to article to say that the monkey was, in true circus style, riding on the back of a pony. All I could see when I read this was a cowboy monkey! Cowboy gone rogue maybe, he dreams of riding triumphantly off into the sunset leaving an evil opressor in the dust. 😉

    • I wonder who on earth thought that such an idea would end well? 😀 I wonder how many times the act had been performed before it all went wrong?

    • I was going to type the Tarzan call at the start of this reply, but my keyboard ran out of a’s. Aaaaaa…. aaaaaaaaaa,aaaaaaa…..aaaaa,aaaaa,aaaa…….. 😉

      Giving a monkey a loaded weapon is a bit like giving one to a small child isn’t it? Even if they know the rules you can guarantee they will completely disregard them at the worst possible moment!

      Ooooh, hang on, found Johhny Weismuller doing that famous Tarzan call…. AAAaaaaaaaaa…cough hack…. cough 😉

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