18 comments on “Woman swallows snake. 1930.

  1. It does sound absurd. If the snake was so small she didn’t notice it when she swallowed the creature, it seems it would have died.

    • If only the liquid that makes up our digestive juices was just water I could suspend my disbelief a little more, but really, it was designed to eat away at food wasn’t it! Plus there is the whole no air thing… oh well, another story in the can’t be true basket 😉

  2. Really, snakes and fish living inside someone… some of your finds are weird, but these two top the list. I believe in mer-people more so. 🙂

    • Can you imagine the type of medical attention the kid was getting to kill the fish within? Crikey! No wonder he felt unwell 🙂 You are right, mer-people are no less likely than critters living happily inside a stomach, are they!

    • There was an old woman who swallowed a fly.
      I don’t know why she swallowed a fly,
      perhaps she’ll die.

      Ahhh, memories 😉 The kids still have that book, complete with an ever-growing cutout where her tummy gets bigger and bigger with the critters inside ‘er.

      You would never feel anxious again if those darned butterflies were gone! What would you swallow to catch the snake though? 😉

  3. My imagination went in another direction — exotic dining. In Douglas Addams’ Restaurant at the End of the Universe the cow discusses the cut of meat you’d like, in the manner of a helpful waiter. The live snake could be on another extreme menu. Totally fiction!

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