5 comments on “Loch Ard, chapter II

    • You can count on reality to trump romantic movie any time!
      I wonder if Tom was muttering grumpily all the while? I can easily imagine the Man doing something brave but bitching constantly, “bloody woman, she should have saved herself. I just got dry too, dammit. It’s cold as well. Man is she gonna pay for this when she wakes up… grump grump grump…”

      It might have been just as well Eva was unconcious!

      • -giggles- Oh so true! And Tom would have had to life-save Eva and about a million petticoats too! Suddenly the idea of romance doesn’t seem at all likely.

        • I love the article above that says he held her dress in his teeth and swam back. Can you hear the muttering and spluttering? It would have been like saving a wardrobe! I’m surprised he didn’t just find the horsemen and say “No, I’m the only one who survived, now get me outta here!” 😀

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