11 comments on “Melbourne floods. 1946.

    • 🙂 It might give you a clue as to how bad the public transport system here is when someone of my tender years *cough* remembers travelling on trains built in the early 1900’s…..

    • I haven’t forgotten, and will be attending to that shortly. Thank you again. Luckily I have a few days off and now the kids are back at school I have time to amuse myself with the computer uninterrupted! 🙂

  1. Nice memories. There’s something about trains that makes one wax nostalgic. By the way, I think the American equivalent of ‘Red Rattlers’ still run in the New York subways. Those, which I only rode a few times, I do not miss.

    • I miss the old red rattlers, and still remember them fondly, but I was a small person travelling on them as a treat. I can imagine that those who had to use them rain, hail, or shine for their daily commute would not have been so sad when they were updated!

  2. Wow… what an awesome photo Metan! Thank you, it will tide me over nicely. And I have very fond memories of the Red Rattlers too. They had character and attitude. 🙂

    • It is a pretty good pic, isn’t it? I wish the caption told us which station it was though 😦
      Aaah, the red rattlers 🙂 The slidy doors and the up and down windows….loved ’em…

      • As we’re on a nostalgia kick I really loved the old Melbourne trams as well. The fun has gone out of public transport – and not just because the whole system is now so useless.

        • I loved the trams too. Have you ever taken the free City Circle tram? It is one of the old ones and it just does a continuous circuit of the city with a commentary running about what you are passing. It even goes past the oldest house in Melbourne.

        • and yes, the public transport system is completely useless, Myki? What a stupid thing! Actually, the only time I have in the last decade was with the kids and they had to show me how to use the ticket machines! I love my car 🙂

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