13 comments on “Kulaxides’ wives. 1930.

  1. “Tell me Darling, have you ever loved anyone else before?”
    “Well, I have been married before…”
    “You have? Oh my god, who was she?”
    “Ahem, well the first one was Mary Jane, the second one was Sue Anne, the third one was…”
    [despairing scream from centre stage]

  2. Not often you take a souvenir TO the places you visit instead of FROM is it? Kulaxides seems to have done things the wrong way round. To be fair he did keep a lot of people in employment, Priests, caterers,lawyers, undertakers.

    • We are looking at this the wrong way, aren’t we? He was a one man wedding/funeral industry. Livelihoods would have been depending on him!
      Got a rich widow cluttering up the house? Call Kulaxides and he’ll take care of her for you!

        • It doesn’t look like it, if any of them knew he was previously married they obviously didn’t ask the question, “where is she now?”
          I suppose if their ‘departures’ had made Kulaxides rich the new wives might not have wanted to know the answer if they thought they were going to get an easy life.

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