4 comments on “A forgotten corpse. 1929.

    • I found this a really sad tale. I will keep looking for the happy end to the story but I doubt there was one. Just putting an unnecessary downer on your day!

  1. Seriously sad and weird too. I guess if the conditions were perfect his corpse was ‘mummified’ otherwise the smell or presence of maggots would have alerted someone. Right?

    The saddest part for me is the idea that his family and friends probably imagined an entirely different fate. Perhaps they thought he’d become a criminal? Or maybe they thought he’d gone off on a great adventure and would contact them eventually with a treasure of some kind?

    • We can only hope they knew he had died and that his body was on its way. They may have understood it might be delayed by the wartime restrictions on travel, but they probably expected he would turn up at some time. The thought of them never knowing his fate makes it even sadder.

      It was just as well he was properly embalmed, wasn’t it, although if the undertaker had done a terrible job the smell probably would have ensured he got home a lot quicker!

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