21 comments on “Some strange finds. 1937 and 1933.

  1. I wonder if the eggs were there when the hive was built so that it surrounded them. I have visions of a poor dove trying to get back to it’s eggs only to find a hive in their place.
    As for the pearls, does this mean any day scientists will be announcing we are descended from Oysters instead of apes?

    • I had a similar vision, the dove going out one day and coming home to find the hive busily building right in their spot. Maybe it should have just knocked on the door and asked to borrow a cup of sugar and a few eggs?

  2. That is peculiar about the dove eggs. I wonder if the bees found an old bird’s nest when they moved into the roof and just built their hive around it, or if they left and the birds nested in eating up the remaining grubs and larvae?

    • It is strange that they don’t mention a nest of any sort. The article suggests that the eggs were just encased in wax doesn’t it? Strange. I don’t think any bird will lay their egg without some sort of preparations. Maybe there was an abandoned nest higher up that disintegrated, the eggs slipping down and being incorporated into the hive.

      I would rather it was the eggs of gigantic mutant bees, interrupted before they had a chance to hatch and take over the world 😉

  3. “A doctor found a number of genuine pearls when operating on a patient”

    He probably found it around the patients neck and claimed to have found it in the kidney. I’m joking of course. 😉

    • I laughed at the thought of them being ‘equalling the finest ordinary pearls in lustre’ but being as small as pinheads. He must have had pretty good eyesight!

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