15 comments on “Cheap wine, and a cop in trouble.

  1. omg!! is that really Jimmy, god he’s hot!! and the iside out tee shirt… lol glad to know even rock n roll royalty get dressed like us…and we must shut our eyes when singing, that light sure is bright without sunnies!

    • 🙂 yes Jimmy certainly was something. I wonder if the light was bright because they woke up on the floor in that house after a big night? Perhaps they filmed there because no-one was sober enough to drive to the actual location 😉

  2. I’m easily confused at my age. Is that Cheap Wine and a three day roast, referring to the food they have in the house? Or will it be three day growth referring to not having shaved? I tried to lip read but my eyesight is bad too. LOL

    • I expect that the only food available in that house was cold takeaway from the night before! It might have been pretty hard to find in the piles of empties and dirty t-shirts though.

      Naturally he is referring to the three day growth favoured by all grungily cool rockstars and those too hungover to be trusted with a blade and a throat at the same time.

  3. This is my evil mind at work but despite knowing the words I kept hearing ‘cheap wine and a three day grope!’ Do love the man though. -sigh-

    • I think they call them bachelor/bachelorette parties in the US, we call them buck’s/hen’s nights here. Still the same process I expect, friends partying together, drunken regret in the morning.

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