19 comments on “The devil in disguise. 1904.

  1. Creepy! Yet rather fascinating. As soon as I read this I couldn’t help wondering if it might not have been the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. I mean reverse the roles etc and there is a similarity. Or maybe that’s just my twisted brain at work…

  2. p.s. I have actually been to Bavaria and saw an /external/ wall mural of Hitler. In very good condition. In 1974. Very strange place.

  3. And the other 2000 readers Jennifer. Of course if you want to pay me to keep quiet………. just not in Bavarian cakes thanks. Pork pies will do but don’t mention them to acflory.

    • 2000 readers would be very nice! Even a thousand….. Not if I have to share the desserts though.

      Jennifer had a picture of some pretty yummy looking biscuits on her blog the other day, they would certainly keep me quiet. Well, all you would hear is a muffled ‘more, more’ anyway…..

    • It is a strange one, isn’t it. I’m still trying to puzzle out the motivation behind it.

      I understand a MIL not liking the sons choice of wife, but demanding money? Her son will still be paying it won’t he, isn’t she is just hurting him? Surely a daughter in law working on a farm is more valuable than a son looking for another new wife? Certainly a weird story….

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