22 comments on “The light of her life. 1898.

    • It’s a great story, isn’t it. Definitely freaky though, I just imagine him walking through the house at night guided by the light of his own face….

  1. I’m sorry. Despite the obvious break in the report I carried on reading and thought Mr.Shilliday was saying the deceased would be making a big summer show in a few days. Lighting up the sale room perhaps in order to better see the fabrics.
    Still, his wife could always claim ‘He lights up my life’ during his lifetime I suppose.

    • He certainly would have made a sensation as window dressing! I’m not sure the corpselight fabrics would be too popular though 🙂

  2. “when the power goes out, which happens here quite often”

    Ugh, don’t remind me. Here in the US there has been power failure in some states, but in the Philippines it’ almost a sure thing. Every Saturday or Sunday, can’t quite remember.

    • It is amazing how much we rely on electricity isn’t it? We don’t think we do and then it goes away and our lives stop.
      We live in a long valley with one road in. The multitude of people along this artery depend on no branches falling on that single source of power. As soon as the wind gets up the lights start flickering and I make sure dinner doesn’t need too much cooking 🙂 Fortunately it is not an every weekend thing though!

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