9 comments on “On the run, 2012.

  1. The post and the news item were fascinating. What surprised me most of all was reading that the man was to be extradited from the Northern Territories. I always thought extradition was from one country to another and didn’t realise it could be from one part of a country to another part of the same country. It gives me a perspective on size.

    • Each of our states or territories have different rules etc even though they are much the same.

      I think that unless you have driven or flown across Australia you will never understand how massive and empty it really is (and dry, before anyone wonders why populations aren’t more spread out).

      Just to give you an idea of how big, if you are at the top of Australia, in Darwin, you are closer to Port Moresby (1817km) Manila (3185km) and Jakarta (2729km) than you are to us here in Melbourne at the bottom (3753 km by road).

      I have known potential tourists to say that when they get here they will be visiting relatives here and here and here and going to the Gold Coast and Sydney and all by car. I often wonder if they have ever looked at a map!

  2. Technically we’re a federation of states with certain ‘sovereign’ powers within our borders. Then on top of that we have the national government that basically deals with global issues, whether they be in the world at large or across a number of our own states. It works, most of the time 🙂

  3. I can’t get past his desire to get an acting job. That was, obviously, more important than escaping the authorities. What some people won’t do for a chance to be in the movies.

    • I wonder if he was just hoping he would be able to hide in amongst the influx of new people in the town. Winton is not a very big place and the police were already looking for him.

      I have a vision of a frustrated thespian sadly seeing his last chance of treading the boards slipping away due to that whole prison thing… 😉

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