6 comments on “Buried alive. 1901.

  1. Please let it not be true for the sake of the poor person mentioned. Yet again it could be a reporter too lazy to go and check the facts and has been taken in by a tall tale. I hope this was the case here.

    • I think that it is just an unchecked tale from the pub. Why let the facts get in the way of a good story?! Thank goodness for lazy reporting 🙂

  2. Take heart – back in the day, a story didn’t have to be *true* to end up in a newspaper!
    I love your closing imagery in the pub. It left me with a smile.
    (Nice to meet you! Ms. Courtenay Bluebird introduced us ~)

    • Just as well they were a little loose with their fact checking, I’d be lost if they only reported the truth!
      I’m glad you liked my pub scene, I’m sure something along similar lines happens on a regular basis, urban legends have to start somewhere. 🙂

      Nice to have you over here from Bluebird Blvd, welcome!

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