20 comments on “A dancing corpse. 1899.

    • It sounds a bit like the undertaker would have been at risk from a heat attack, perhaps the coffin won’t stay too empty for too long!

  1. I wonder what the reception was when he went home. A corpse in evening dress walking through the door is enough to give someone a heart attack. Of corpse, he could have phoned home first I suppose. groan.

    • I wonder if they spent all of their money on the evening wear to send him off properly? If the family were reduced to bread and water and he waltzed in the door all togged up I doubt the reception would have been too warm!
      Can’t really return a suit that was previously worn by a corpse either, can you?

  2. I second Candy’s opinion! This one has a fairy tale feel to it, really. Are you sure you aren’t prepping to write a novel? You’ve found some great fabulist tales to kick it off!

    • No novel here, if I did it would probably be with the shortest chapters and most disjointed storyline ever! I wish I could think of things that were too fabulous to be real but I couldn’t come up with anything that hasn’t ‘happened’ before 🙂

      • Oh, there’s a lot of argument about the number, but really, there are only about 27-ish plots out there to begin with.

        And truth really is stranger than fiction, which is why fiction writers clip things from newspapers and keep them on file.

        Have you ever seen “Stranger Than Fiction” with Emma Thompson and Will Farrell? I think you might like it!

        • I haven’t seen that one. I’ll have to look out for it.
          Truth really is stranger than fiction. I would love to know for sure how many of the strange tales I post are really true and how many have been made up by a lazy, yet creative, reporter 🙂

          • I did a piece on Our Sunday Best that included the discussion of all the possible plots and the arguments about those plots. I wonder, too, how many of them are true. You find the best ones, honestly. : )

          • Sometimes I could just jump around with excitement with the wonderful stories I find. It is amazing what the most bland search term will come up with after a bit of digging 🙂

          • I feel the same way about some of the images and photographs I come across in the established common sources, but still— you’ve got quite an eye for the absurd, Metan!

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