9 comments on “Dr. Horribles Blog award.

    • That advert was obviously made for the superbowl. We don’t get that here so I have never been lucky enough to see Mr. Beckham in his underwear on the big screen. Never mind, I doubt the family would have the same feelings about it as me! 🙂

  1. Go Metan! I love how you think big 😀 I can just imagine all our polies slinking off with their metaphysical tails between their legs! Love it. And Becks ain’t bad either 😉

    • I am at home with the kids today and the news is all carbon tax, carbon tax, carbon tax. Today appears to be the day the masses will be thrilled to see another leader rise up. Tony is not too popular though, maybe now is my chance! I had better get my dark army into their flying monkey costumes as quickly as possible!
      Not Becks though, he can stay dressed as he is….

    • That ad certainly is something, the best thing they did was to just film him and not let him him speak though! 😉

      I just checked out caption americas photo answers, very funny!

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