15 comments on “A Termagant wife, not dead enough. 1888.

  1. Wow, what a tale of terror! Could be the opening of a Poe-ish story.

    Definitely tough to be a deep coma victim with a weak pulse — and a husband happy to see you gone — at a time when being pronounced dead was a little on the casual side.

    • This sort of scenario is a staple of Forteana and often makes me wonder how many people were buried without being actually dead.

      Do they wake when the first shovelful of dirt hits the lid? Or do they just stay asleep until the air runs out and they become actually dead without even noticing? A scary thought, and one that has probably been the basis of many a persons nightmare!

      • You are so right Metan! My late mother was terrified of being buried alive and often said that she wanted to be cremated, this despite assurances that that sort of thing didn’t happen these days. Perhaps as a girl she heard about something similar happening and it stuck with her. Very creepy indeed.

        • It’s funny, being buried alive is something I have never had a fear of. I can imagine it being someones worst nightmare though.

          • I’m a little claustrophobic or perhaps I have a morbid imagination but the thought does bother me… at least a bit. 😦

  2. I’m betting he didn’t have a bell and a cord running from the coffin on the second occasion just in case. Though these days he’s have been making sure she wasn’t buried with a mobile phone.

  3. Well, I guess she was in a shock to have realized she is dead meat, hence the polite knock ! I’m sure she mend her ways post that incident lest her husband actually buries her alive! LOL! 😛

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