9 comments on “Police Incidents. 1832.

  1. Is it any wonder we’re such an anti-authoritarian, larrikin mob?

    I love that the most enterprising, nimble-fingered and brave [yes brave!] people were hand-picked to come here. We may have been the dregs of society back then but I think all those qualities have made us who we are now. And I like the aussie spirit.

    • I can’t believe that they thought sending the worst of the ratbag element to colonize a far away land was going to go well for those in authority!

      One of my favourite quotes is;

      A few years ago we colonised this place with some of our finest felons, thieves, muggers, alcoholics and prostitutes, a strain of depravity which I believe has contributed greatly to this country’s amazing vigour and enterprise.
      Ian Wooldridge – English.

  2. This was hilarious…both your post and the article! No better way to start a morning! 🙂 (By the way, that’s one very fun family tree! Some of the greatest Emperors in history would claim similar ones! :P)

    One wonders why anybody would need to read any sort of creative writing if newspapers were so fun to read!

    As for Australia’s “criminal” history it would seem some of the coolest places to be today were created thanks to the Empire and its desire to create little (other) pockets of criminality around the world! What can we say … hail, imperialism, I guess! 😛 Lol!

    • Thank you! Glad I could put a smile on your face 😀

      The family tree certainly has its share of ratbags 🙂 One Great Great Grandfather was transported for stealing chickens only to become even more ratbaggy once here, helping his employer running illegal alcohol was only one of the things I found him charged with!

      Others came out as respectable hardworking people looking for a new life. It amazes me that these two extremes ever came together for me to be sitting here today!

      Some of those crime reporters were frustrated novelists I’m sure! Not all of them wrote in such an amusing way unfortunately. I really wish they reported in a similar way nowadays 🙂

      It does appear that England sent away many of their best to far away lands. Lucky us, eh! 😉 Many of them still think that calling us convicts is an insult though, they obviously don’t realize that the days of us being anything but proud of that are long past!

    • I’d love to know what you find out! I get the feeling that the crime reports were treated by some in the same way we treat the reports of misbehaving sports people these days.

  3. Loved this post and the article. How fantastic that someone in a newspaper could be described as a ‘drunken little trollop’, ‘high in bone but low in flesh’ or ‘an out and outer in the wars of Bacchus’. Fabulous stuff. I laughed out loud at the image of Sarah Dawson sitting in a small pool of water in the centre of the street and having to be sent to the stocks to dry off. Though it seemed slightly harsh punishment for, um, merely sitting in a puddle 😉 You’ve made my day.

    • So glad to hear it 🙂 These reports certainly are amusing. One of my favourite police report posts was ‘Bouncible and handing out the rhino’, in it Sarah Sutcliff was described as ‘an ungrateful hussy, with the rotundity of a rum puncheon’. No political correctness there!

      These descriptions really bring the people to life don’t they? You can almost imagine the mayhem going on in the streets if this small snapshot of life is any indication.
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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