22 comments on “Human fish. 1890.

  1. I’ve come to expect that little unexpected twist in your posts but the ‘jar of alcohol’ made me guffaw out loud. Mogi, who is not super bright, started barking at me. 😀

  2. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself as a human/fish being then perhaps plunging into a giant jar of alcohol is a fitting end……beyond weird and a clear case of the advantages nowadays of having an i-phone……I sooooooo want to know what it looked like!! It would also have it’s own screenplay and hollywood movie if hauled up today. Logically I’m guessing that the ‘sob’ was probably just air being expelled or gulped by something that only lived in water not out of it…..and that it might have just been a form of dudong or similar…..but still, more questions unanswered than answered with this one! fascinating stuff!

    • I completely agree with your logical thread there and I so want so know what it looked like as well!

      I see the fact that every electronic device we have as a distinct disadvantage. We will rarely get these kinds of stories now as someone produces the photo and the strange creature is immediately identified. Gone are the days of ‘here be monsters’ 😦

  3. Makes you wonder if sitting at the back of someone’s garage gathering dust is a very large jar…….. I mean, how do you dispose of such a thing and why would you ? It must have been on display sometime , somewhere and no university would have missed seeing it on the back of a shelf in the lab.. The Florida press must have gone crazy at such a find and lots of people must have seen it, unless in those days they just took someone’s word for it all.

    • Can you imagine cleaning out the shed of some recently departed relative, and, dusting off an old jar you find a contorted face pressed against the glass? There would be no more cleaning going on, that’s for sure!!

      We are all imagining a huge jar with a fish-person floating around in it like an aquarium, and that is so how I want to story to be. I suspect that the jar was actually quite a bit smaller than we are hoping and that this unfortunate creature was squeezed into it in a very unpleasant way.

      Imagine doing a museum inventory.
      “I’ve got a giant fish-person in a jar over here..”
      “No you don’t, there’s not one on the list”
      “Well, It’s here”
      “Oh god, the boss’ll kill us if the paperwork is out. Just pour it down the drain”

    • Where would one keep such an enormous jar? Surely such a thing only has a place on a set waiting for a comic actor to go crashing through it!

    • I usually find myself reading these stories the first time and saying to myself “wow, that’s amazing!”, quickly followed by a mistrustful “hang on a minute…”. I really want them to be true though. I am an optimist with a titanium core of suspicion. 🙂

      No, I haven’t been able to find any further articles about this, I often suspect that the stories like this are either total fabrications, or the source was some bloke at the pub who was never seen again. Some of them have a clear kernel of truth and I really wish that there were follow up stories to get to the origins, alas, I rarely find any continuing tales that aren’t just a rearrangement of the original facts.

      I am always on the lookout for them though, the articles are digitally scanned and the searches I do can only find things that have the print processed clearly. At times a search will throw up the most amazing and unrelated articles because the computer has misinterpreted the blurry print. Sometimes I have found the most interesting things that way 🙂

      • Okay, I love this *so* much:

        I really want them to be true though. I am an optimist with a titanium core of suspicion.

        When those text scanners were first out, I was an editorial assistant (gofer) in the features department of a big daily newspaper, and rather than making things simpler, they required so much rewriting and decoding that it often would have been faster to retype whatever you had scanned!

        A lot of the online common source archives are this way. Digging through them takes twice the time, but is such a big adventure. So much fun! : )

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