11 comments on “Melbourne floods. 1934.

  1. Wow! That is an amazing photo Metan. These days inner city dwellers would be screaming at a couples of inches of water coming in. This would be feet!

    • What a great photo! It looks so complete I can just see a person waking up in the morning, peering out of the window and saying “I don’t remember the trees being that close before”.
      It is amazing what damage water can do.

  2. I just heard that they are rowing down roads in Florida right now. A friend just told me her nieces are scooping catfish up in the nets used for skimming swimming pools and bringing them back to the pond where they live.

    Florida is likely too built up in a natural flood plain/wetlands. But Australia back then? Just a freak storm or a bad place to build?

    • I think Kensington is in a naturally swampy area, although you wouldn’t be able to tell that now! At least we have no fear of crocodiles down here, it is too cold for them. I wouldn’t like to be living in a place like Florida in a flood, it just means the alligators have far wider waterways than ususal!

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