14 comments on “An undignified exit. 1888.

    • I can imagine the theatrical fainting of poor Miss A____ as she realized her days as Miss Popularity were over for a time. I expect the fainting was faked but I bet any tears were real!

    • Most people would balk at picking up someone elses falsies, but if you could see yourself vanquishing your enemy with that one icky act I bet most people would be grabbing them up too! If they had been gold she probably would have never got a finger on them in the crush 😉

  1. lmao – if this is a precautionary tale about next year’s cup then I’m spending all my money on hanging on to my own teeth!!!

    • It certainly makes me glad my teeth are firmly affixed to my mouth. If she was a society Miss I thought she must have been quite young to have lost all her teeth. Perhaps this is the karmic revenge of all those uncared for teeth!

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