21 comments on “Wet weather 1935 and 2012.

    • I don’t think too many people can resist! If you are driving down the road and there is water across it the smart thing to do is to slow down and drive cautiously. What everyone really wants is to accelerate and see how far they can spray the water on the way through isn’t it? 🙂

      Unfortunately for me my car will stall at the slightest puddle so my trip home on Friday night was spent weaving along the road and avoiding all of the standing water. It was so disappointing! We went out in the 4WD on Sat morning and acted very irresponsibly to make up for it though. Yes, we are ridiculously immature at times 🙂

    • Thanks, I have a very old photo somewhere of the Man riding through the same street on a motorbike. It is just a wall of water with a vague hint of vehicle at the centre 🙂 All men are little boys on the inside.

  1. Metan! I have a request. Years ago I saw a very old photo of Melbourne in the grip of flood. I think it was before they dredged the Yarra or something. Anyway the thing that floored me was that hills with houses on them were rising up out of this plain of water like islands. I’ve looked for that photo a couple of times but never found it. Can you put your sleuthing techniques to work and dig it up?

        • You’ve got me started now and I’m already knee deep in old photos and drawings of a damp Melbourne. Haven’t found one like your description but there are some treasures out there!

          • Thanks Metan 🙂 I knew it would be a big ask. If it’s any help I know this particular photo, or should I say the flood, was unique because so much of Melbourne was quite deep under water.

          • I am quite surprised to find that there have been a few major floods in Melbourne over the years. I suppose before they built the big dam up the road from here (Upper Yarra Dam) a big rain like the one that caused the photos above wouldn’t have stayed in the catchment, it would have just made its way down the line getting bigger and bigger. I will keep looking for your photo, but you might get a few posts of flooded Melbourne photos first!

          • Searching for old stuff is not work at all. Getting the time to do it though, that is the problem! The family are so demanding…mum, what’s for dinner; mum, have I got a clean uniform; mum, there aren’t any clean dishes….. blimey! It is like I’m in charge or something. Oh, that’s right, I am…. *sigh*

          • -pat pat- I wish I could tell you that it gets better with age but it doesn’t. As you already know stealing time for yourself is the only way but when you’ve got kids that’s often not possible. 😦

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