11 comments on “Victorian earthquake. Then and now.

    • Those barn dancers must have been wearing huge boots!
      When I asked the Man if he felt the earthquake he looked at me blankly and said “wasn’t that the washing machine?” Only if I was washing rocks!

      The most unfortunate person was the one bloke who was up a ladder at the moment the quake struck that night. Talk about bad timing!

    • I just heard the news and it sounds like there has been a smaller earthquake in New South Wales (the state to the north of us) this evening. Eeek! The end is nigh! Head for the hills! Or not. It is a bit cold out there, I think I’ll just wait for the rivers of lava before I make a move 😉

        • It is pretty bloody cold here right now, rivers of lava will be a welcome change! They might have a bit of trouble getting through the floods though. Hmmmm… earthquake, flood, there is no chocolate in the cupboard either, so, famine. Wow! It is the end of the world!!!

  1. Hey thanks Metan! I really like the last article as well and I found the benign nature of our earthquakes very reassuring. That’s about as much excitement as I want in my buildings 😀

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