15 comments on “Forbidden Fripperies. 1929.

  1. What’s wrong with you ladies, you’re so picky. It sounds entirely reasonable to me. You know how easily led we men are, there should always be some form of protection against your female wiles.

    • I’m not sure how many men object to women using their feminine wiles to take advantage of them. I don’t think I have ever met one! Of course the worlds economies would begin to collapse if all those brainwashed women who believe they are not pretty enough stopped buying lotions, potions and accessories. I wonder where you would buy false hips? I consider artificial teeth to be a necessity, not an object of vanity though!

      Can you imagine how packed the courts would be if they started enforcing this law? They would have to build special jails for all of the offenders!

    • If it wasn’t for the use of these fraudulent fripperies the article would be about the way women are letting themselves go and that they should put in a bit more effort!

  2. Was there a handsome man fripperies law too? What about the gentlemen with a lift to make him taller? Or a toupee to cover his bald head? Or a corset (yes men wore them) to tuck in his gut? Or a little scent to cover his body odor? Or…. you get the picture.

    And I’m not eve venturing into the land of men who proclaim their wealth and fine family name in a quest to find a girl of good fortune.


    • I can just see some historical Parisian official who was disappointed on his wedding night stomping grumpily into work the next morning to make this law. I wonder if he had overstated his importance in order to secure the affections of the lady in question? 😉

  3. I was going to extend it to Gents with inflated wallets who either fill them with false padding such as business cards or who just refuse to open them after marriage – but I married a Yorkshire man so I really should have known better! I wonder what their stand on the ‘chicken fillet filler’ would have been??!

    • Aaahh yes, the man who turns into Mr Stingy as soon as he has secured her affections, good call 🙂

      I expect that padding of the chest area has been with us since the day women realized that blokes have trouble thinking if there is a large breast in the room. I wonder if they left it out of this article because they didn’t quite know how to say it in print without offending. Alternatively, maybe they left out breast padding in case women took the law seriously and stopped doing it! 🙂

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