7 comments on “Bogan and a Working Class Man.

      • lmao – that’s true although I would have had to have been living in a tent in the middle of the Nullabor with no radio not to have it imprinted on my brain.Ah for the good old days…-smacks self-

  1. me either acflory.. love it. the quintissential aussie song. Not sure about ol’ barnsey’s dancing there in front of the cane. Brings back memories of our time in Qld – have you seen sugar burn? it’s awesome! I got myself a working class mining man who unfortunately has his bogan moments..(minus the cards & beer though).
    Surprised that bogan took so long to get into the dictionary…

    • I’m not sure you can class it as dancing! 😉 I have never seen sugar cane burn, I can imagine it would be a spectacular sight 🙂

      I think most blokes who have a hard physical job are guilty of being tinged with a bit of bogan-ness!

      I couldn’t believe that it took so long either, I was more surprised that it was not already in there than by the fact they were putting it in.

  2. Like Jennifer, I can’t believe it isn’t already in the dictionary. The term’s been around for, what, thirty years? Slackers.

    • Maybe they were just trying to deny the spread of bogans by witholding an actual term for them. Too late, I was just at the shops, they are everywhere!

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