14 comments on “Butterflies of doom. 1908.

  1. There seems to be a lot of artistic licence taken by some reporters way back then and not a lot of checking of facts. In fact very much like some of our newspapers today I suppose. Obviously they didn’t go very high up the food chain when it came to getting scientific verification, it sounds like just the janitor was on duty that night……..Unless of course the story is true , dn, dn dn !!

    • Just as well they didn’t fact check too much, I would have nothing to talk about! All I can say is thank goodness for lazy and imaginative reporting 😀

    • I totally see that! The wonderment of a beautiful late night butterfly, then once the overwhelming clouds start enveloping the streets everybody screaming and running.

      Oh, I wish butterflies could have fangs, just for the close-up!

  2. @ Candy and Metan – you two should collaborate on a monster story :p Reminds me of that bit in the movie Labyrinth where one of the fragile, pretty little fairies bites Sara. Don’t we have enough things that bite without adding butterflies to the list?

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