16 comments on “Don’t stop to smell the flowers. 1894.

    • 🙂 Agreed! I started to do the link and then thought “who is really going to click on this one?” I tell people not to believe anything they read on the interweb unless they have checked it for themselves but this time I will let everyone off 🙂

        • Don’t worry, I was regretting looking myself! First slime wigglers, then parasitic worms, apologies to all!!

          PS: Did you just get the earthquake?

          • Yes! We did! I was downstairs and just heard an odd sort of noise but wasn’t aware of much else until Daughter starts yelling ‘It’s an earthquake!!!!’. She was upstairs and apparently the house was moving quite a bit up there. No damage just lots of excitement! I’ll bet your boys were in delighted 😀

          • Boys were in bed, the Man was saying goodnight to them and I was in the loungeroom wondering why the windows were shaking. I wandered in and said “did you feel the earthquake?” Man said, “Wasn’t it the washing machine?” No honey, it wasn’t….. 😉

            Funnily enough the Jackal had been acting up since about 5 that night too, she must have known it was coming. She didn’t settle down until about 11.

          • I always thought that Australia didn’t get earthquakes, or at least not many. Is there much in the old news about earthquakes here?

          • I actually spent the evening looking for them and found quite a few. None were sufficiently strange to get me inspired so I might have to think of another angle!

          • I don’t think that earthquakes only happen along the fault lines, the tremors would have to ripple through the entire plate to some extent. I have put a few Victorian earthquake articles in a post for you for tomorrow, we don’t seem to have very exciting shakes here. Probably just as well!

    • Ahhh, if it is /your/ world then all this silliness is your fault!! 😉 I agree though, sniffing worms off flowers was just too much even for me!

  1. Ugh, awful. If I’m ever in New Zealand I’ll be sure not to smell any flowers. I’m not very keen on being in contact with bugs to begin with.

    As for earthworms being found on the bloom, that doesn’t seem very likely. I thought they ate mud/dirt. I think you’re right about the parasites.

    • It is a bit like someone just said “yeah, they look like earthworms, now get them away from me!” and then had to think of a reason for them to have been in that strange situation. 🙂

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