6 comments on “No more fungus, just a slimy puddle….

  1. I’m so glad we’ve come to an end of this subject. The new pic looks like something carved out of wood as a side table. If anyone wants to know what the wigglers become direct them to a google search eh ?

    • It does look like a little table 🙂 Knowing my luck those wigglers become blowflies or some other annoying thing that I wish I had dealt with earlier!

  2. Sad day for the lumpy fungus. =( Ugly mushrooms need love too. As do mystery wigglers. But it does take a special kind of person to have love for a mystery wiggler.

    • Lumpy fungus sad, wigglers clearly happy! I have love for most everything no matter how unusual it looks, but wigglers in slime? Even I have my boundaries!

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