12 comments on “Not a forest boy at all.

    • We hear wild stories and so want them to be true even though we know there will be a reasonable explanation just around the corner.

  1. It’s a shame he had put so many people to so much trouble in the time he was there. It would have cost a fortune in caring for him, providing shelter, carers, an income and him not worrying at all about the family left behind. The search for his fictional fathers body would have used up people and time best used elsewhere. Hopefully he’s managed to overcome whatever problem first caused him to walk away from his life.

    • Since he was an adult it is not like the authorities could force him to go home if he didn’t want to. I’m not sure why he would lie but he probably has some sort of issues that made him behave unusually. You are right though, what a waste of resources. Imagine how his family felt not knowing where he was for so long either.

    • I could only think it would have been easier for him to tell the authorities who he was straight away and tell them he didn’t want to contact his family. They would have worried less, the authorities wouldn’t have bothered him constantly (as you would expect they did) and he could have started a new life.

      The alternative is that perhaps those ‘personal issues’ referred to in the article meant he enjoyed the attention, or was happy to be looked after as though he was a juvenile.

      i would be far too lazy to carry on such a charade for so long, 10 mins in and I would say “ok, you’ve got me”, who could be bothered with all the lies?

  2. What an odd story. I’m a hopeless liar so I could never maintain such a deception for so long. And I agree with David, his family must have gone through hell. Whatever family issues the ‘boy’ may have had with them this was just too cruel.

  3. Putting this story aside — he was cruel, delusional or a bit of both to put his family through this ordeal — there’s something interesting in the need to remake yourself that completely. The fantasy of starting over again with a new life and a new history, especially one more compelling than the ordinary original, is very popular. His was straight out of a fairy tale or a 19th century pulp novel. Weird to the extreme.

    • If I don’t factor in mental illness or other conditions I have to wonder what went wrong in his short 20 years for him to feel the need to escape from his life. Anyone with the normal range of problems wouldn’t go to that extreme to avoid them.

      In the old days he would have got away with his story, wouldn’t he, but these days people have to fill in reports and account for their actions so they had to keep looking for the answer. Just as well for the family.

      The thing that makes it sound like he was fully aware of his actions and knew people would be looking for him was the fact that he refused to have his photo publicized. That is the bit that seems really cruel.

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