19 comments on “A dog and a fire, never a good combination. 1935.

  1. Love Jack Russells! When we went to get a new pup I was going to get one but was ninja’d by this weird little thing with chihuahua in her ancestry instead!

    I remember our old dog used to love getting right up to the fire as well and I know that singed dog smell well 😉 The cats have a love affair with the fire too.

    • We met Jack just before Xmas and fell in love with her immediately. We weren’t even dog shopping at the time and I had told the kids that after the trauma of the last dog we had (who was nothing but bitey trouble and I suspect didn’t even like us) there wouldn’t be another. We saw her terrified little face in the shop and couldn’t possibly leave her there for another second.

      She has been a treasure every day, even when she chews the coals from the fire to powder on my carpet!

      • I know that feeling. You try to tell yourself that this is a bad idea, that really you should just go home… alone… but you end up walking away with something small, and scared and warm tucked inside your coat 😀

        • Yep, you’ve got it! The poor thing was so terrified she could barely stand and for days lived in her box, too scared to come out. One day we were all standing together in the garden and she snuck into the centre of the group and just sat there feeling safe and we knew we had won her over.

          Now she has the Man wrapped around her little finger (paw?), she loves toast and can make him get up and make her a piece by sheer force of will….

          • I’m sure he would if I fawned around his feet and yipped sweetly at him too!

            Jack does that and then runs back and forth from the toaster on the bench until he gets up and puts some bread in. She then sits at his feet while it cooks, one paw up, staring intently, using the power of her mind to make sure he doesn’t leave the kitchen until it pops up. Then he cuts her a soldier, puts on a dab of butter and hands it over. She scoffs it down and races back to the fireplace, job done.

            I’m tempted to get her a low table and her own bloody toaster! She might not have much luck with the knife though 😉

          • lmao – that dog has got your Man really well trained. You could give the yipping a try but I doubt you’d be able to match the soulful look :p

  2. I have to tell you it’s not just dogs. An unlit fire on a warm night ( yes, they do exist in the UK). The hearth surrounded by tea lights in little glasses for effect and the cat dips his tail in and wanders off. He couldn’t understand why so many bodies leapt at him all at once grabbing his tail. All candles at mantle height after that.

  3. She is def a Jackal, the look on that face with the patch, c’mon, it’s perfect. And Jack Russels are just so cute. I’m sure she’d save you, even if she started the fire in the first place 🙂

    • I think her running around yelping would be the thing that alerts us to danger! She is cute though so she would just have to give us that look and we would forgive her for anything 🙂

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