23 comments on “Exploding Chickens. 1950.

  1. ROFL, oops, sorry chook, as is the way, I was hoping for a more of a looy tunes chicken… it unny to see, walking around and then pfft, pfft… chookies just falling over.

    • 😀 It seems wrong to laugh but we are anyway… A quiet berk berk, a startled BER GLERK! and a KERBLAM. That is what I was looking for too! 🙂

  2. lol – I watched the acetylene go poof a couple of times. If you look closely the little fireball was at least 6 times the size of the balloon so that’s quite a big bang. The only thing I can’t work out is how the chickens set fire to themselves. Farting too close to a bbq perhaps?

    Fun way to start the day Metan 😀

  3. Now now Children. That’s at least a years worth of chicken jokes on one page. ACFLORY, really ? Farting too close to the BBQ………. personally I think they’ve given up smoking.

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