12 comments on “Haunted Ships. 1919.

  1. I’ve always had an irrational fear of the Bermuda Triangle and these ghost ships of yours make me feel the same way. Ridiculous really as I don’t believe in human ghosts so why should ghostly objects feel so spooky? Or maybe they’re not so much spooky as sad?

    I saw a movie a long time ago called The Ship of the Damned, I think. Set in WWII this boatload of Jewish refugees sailed up and down the Mediterranean looking for sanctuary and every country refused them. I’ve always thought that would be a ghost ship.

    • Ships have always been named and assigned personalities by those who live on them so it is only logical that people would expect them to be able to haunt as well. Freaky, but logical…

      I don’t really like boats very much, well, I like the boats, it is just the open water that I hate. I have no problem believing that there was a ‘Christine’-like boat out there haunting the oceans, devouring people *shudder* 😉

      • -giggles- Woman after my own heart! Boats are fantastic so long as they’re in dry dock! I’ve been in a dingy, a catamaran and a couple of ferries and frankly I’m quite happy never to set foot on a boat of any size again.

        • I remember going on a boat for a work do for the Man years ago, everyone was dancing and drinking and I was standing at the point on the boat furthest from the water thinking “get me out of here!”

          Ferries don’t bother me too much because they are usually going from one place to a clearly visible destination, we have been on a paddlesteamer in Echuca and that was nice too. Going out to sea? No thanks!! 😦

          • Yes, I find the bigger the boat the less panicky I get although I know that that’s probably just wishful thinking on my part. After the incident on that Italian cruise liner any tiny aspirations I may have had about going on a cruise are gone, gone, gone.

  2. Don’t for heavens sake do haunted airplanes or no -one will travel again. Or maybe you’re working for the airlines to drum up trade.
    The last one surprises me since I thought ships never got out of the Sargasso Sea, in which case who came back to tell the tale? I remember a film of some kind with someone getting stuck there and finding people alive descended from Pirates who had been stranded there. They lived between the rotting hulks of all the boats/ships stranded there and were not what you’d call nice neighbours.
    Keep up with the research Metan, you’re a hoot.

    • 😀 Aeroplanes you say…hmmm… 😉

      Apparently the Sargasso sea is a region of sea bounded by currents, not by landmasses (a gyre). I can imagine that you could easily sail out of it but if a ship was left to its own devices it would just go around and around with the currents, never reaching land.

      I would love to know what that film was. They must have been pretty crappy pirates if they couldn’t cobble together a boat out of spare parts and sail away!

  3. Haunted ships are wonderful story starters. I also like the seemingly endless supply of spooky lighthouses on the East Coast of the U.S. Any inspiring lighthouses in Australia?

    • We do have some lovely one here. Maybe I will have to do a post about them sometime. A good excuse for a weekend away I think!

  4. The seaweed monsters sound like something out of Scooby-Doo!

    acflory mentioned the Bermuda Triangle. I’d love to know what it is about the area that causes so many crafts to go missing, on the water and in the air. Like the mysterious fog that envelops planes so that they don’t even know they passed over the airport they were to land at. But then I guess it’s just one of those unsolvable things.

    • It really does, doesn’t it! “I would have got away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”

      I imagined the monster being thumped on the head and splashing back down into the water. In the morning one of the crew is missing. Hmmmm…wherever could he be! 😉

      There are so many TV specials about the terrors of the Bermuda Triangle, all with more amazing claims than the next. I love listening to their theories but I agree, if there is something strange about that place we will never really find out what it is. I would rather not know though, I prefer it to be a mystery!

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