16 comments on “Azaria Chamberlain was taken by dingo- Coroners inquest findings 2012.

  1. A woman I know breeds dingos and they are wonderful, intelligent dogs but in the wild they are dangerous and like any dangerous beast they can kill.

    I think the NT rangers and everyone else had a bit of an agenda going after Azaria disappeared. I suspect they thought it would be easier to deny, deny, deny even the possibility than risk people reacting to dingos the way they do to sharks – i.e. shoot first and ask questions later.

    I’m only guessing of course but if I’m even 100 metres from the mark here then that misplaced protectiveness ruined the lives of a whole family. I’m so glad someone finally had the guts to just put this case to rest.

    • A hungry dog, be it a dingo or a chihuahua will do whatever it takes to get fed. I just think a dingo in the wild has far less compunction about eating something still kicking, that’s all.

      I think that at the time everyone did their best to cover their ass instead of finding out what really happened. Unfortunate, as lives in other places could have been saved if people had realized how dangerous these dogs are, beautiful, but dangerous.

  2. Ha, I read this an hour or so before your post popped up. I was waiting for it! I think it was known back then what happened but there were other agendas, political and otherwise, like acflory^^ said. Even though I was only 8 I remember it clearly at the time and then the telemovie made later on. Now, as an old and jaded adult I can see the things I never saw as a kid, understanding a bit better. It may be 32 years too late, but the family have closure, better late than never I spose, although way too late for the family 🙂

    • You know me too well!! 😀

      I completely agree with you, I was the same age when this all happened and I remember that people believed what the media told them, they didn’t have the cynicism we do these days. I think it was the first really sensational case in Australia, we just didn’t know how to deal with it.

      It is a real pity that the Chamberlain family had to go through something so dreadful at the time just because so few people questioned the gossip and uninformed opinion. When I saw Michael Chamberlain holding the new death certificate aloft for the camera it is clear how much the new finding meant to them. I can’t even begin to imagine what they went through.

  3. The Chemberlains underwent a lot of ‘trial by press’ at the time which turned a lot of public opinion against them. I hope they don’t only get closure over this matter now but an awful lot of apologies from those who misdirected the proof at the time, hung, drew and quartered them before the trial and who were responsible for the negative publicity that surrounded them.

    • I am interested to know how it was reported overseas back in 1980. Was it just as sensational there as it was here?

      I don’t think they will ever get the apologies they deserve, there are still many people who will not be swayed from their belief that the Chamberlains did it. I am amazed that they have continued to fight for what they believed in after so long and while being so villified by the masses.

      They can only hope that one day Azaria’s tiny remains will be found in a dingo’s lair to prove the doubters wrong.

  4. My father passed away in January. His evidence that that jumpsuit was cut with a knife can never be disproved. That is all I will say

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