8 comments on “The Dish. A great Aussie film.

  1. Oh this brings back memories! And yes, it was one of the best aussie movies ever made. Somehow it captured /us/ and how we view the world, naive at times but also somehow down to earth.

    • So many Aussie films are cringeworthy, they just want to be as ocker as possible! This one was so much better wasn’t it, a bit of stereotype Aussieness for the masses to enjoy and a wonderful story as well. 🙂

      • I’ll be honest… I don’t mind the ocker at all coz it’s just us poking fun at ourselves and the story grabbed me on a whole lot of levels. The only movie of its kind that I loved more than the Dish was The Castle. I still get the vibe when I think about it, especially when I’m enjoying the serenity of sunset from my deck. 😀

        Please tell me you liked Priscilla?!

        • I agree, I’m gonna do a post on the Castle too at some stage, that is another movie that gets quoted all the time here! Straight to the pool room. Aaahhh, the serenity. Tell him he’s dreamin’. 😀

          I want to tell you I liked Priscilla but I have never seen it! I have a thing about being told a million times that a movie must be seen, as they did with that one when it came out. I decided not to see it until later and then never got around to it!

          • Oh I forgot the ‘tell him he’s dreaming’ one 😀

            I won’t tell you to watch Priscilla I’ll just say that despite buying the DVD and watching it many, many times I still adore the music as well as the story, and the costumes, and the characters, and the jokes and….

            Sorry I’ll stop now 😉

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