22 comments on “Meeka and Bluebird’s fridge pic blog carvival.

  1. Oh I am so laughing at that haunch? of deer! My fridge beasties are of the blue and green variety as well. I do try to give them a decent burial at regular intervals but I swear they’re breeding in there!

    You didn’t mention your vegie keeper but I sometimes have a whole ecology in there with carrots sprouting and cucumbers doing things a cucumber should never do!

    You know? I’m beginning to see this bit of fun as immensely cathartic 😀

    • It was hilarious 🙂 Since then I have never flinched at the furry body parts that turn up at work waiting to be cooked, but that first time would have been the funniest thing to witness *reaches for milk* Aaah!! *looks around to check she is alone* phew…

      My housekeeping leaves a bit to be desired but the vegie keeper is always under control. We go through so many fruit and veg here that they never have a chance to sprout!

      Leftover bowls etc though, well, sometimes I have just thrown the whole thing in the bin so I don’t have to hear the screams of those newly evolved critters as I scrape them into the bin!

      It is funny, at work I would expect the fridge to be a bit feral but it is probably the cleanest one I have ever seen, even with the addition of occasional body parts!

      • Oh yes… those covered bowls of stuff we were so sure we would eat 😦 Sometimes leftovers do get demolished in our house but then other times they just sit there, cold and unloved until something colonizes them. I really wish someone would invent fridge drawers that are only say one medium bowl deep. I guess I could buy a smaller fridge but I think I’d still have the same problem just less of it. -sigh-

        I have to ask… who cleans that fridge at work???

        • Actually, our workplace is also the bosses shed/house so our lunchroom is his kitchen. (Yes, there are heads on the walls. My animal loving kids call it the nightmare house!) For a man who lives alone his fridge is in a far better state than mine ever has been.

          I am at the point where I just don’t even bother with leftovers, they just make more work later on! Every now and again I let one through, then weeks later…hmmm… what’s in there?… EEEK!

          • lmao – I always have such good intentions! You’re right though, they are more trouble than they’re worth. I can sometimes do something creative with leftovers…but not often.

            I’m impressed with your boss. If he ever runs out of fridges to clean can you send him over to my place?

          • It might be some time before you get him, if he runs out of things to sort out over there I have a list for him here! 🙂

  2. oh, that is so funny… the girly ‘aaahhh’… i should get a picture of both my fridges… the one I HAVE to use which came with the house (that i have to defrost!!!) and then MINE, which unfortunately has been demoted to the lowly ‘2nd fridge’ and is an amazing piece of equipment! I hug it regularly 🙂

    • I’m sure Meeka and Bluebird would love a pic of you hugging your more-loved fridge!

      Ohhh, defrosting the fridge, I hate that. We have a small freezer along with the one in the top of the fridge. I will empty the small one into the top one and them carry it outside for the day and leave it to fix itself up. I’m not a good housewife… I have also done the bad thing and used a knife to reduce the ice in both of them so I can put it off for a few more weeks. 🙂

      Yes, the girly ‘aahhh’, shame shame shame. I would normally react with a loud non-girly swearword but those unexpected furry legs (still with hooves attached) were akin to finding a human head in the fridge. Now if someone leaves a body in the fridge I just say “I hope some of that’s for me” instead of having a heart attack 🙂

    • OH! So I am not the only one who hugs her fridge? When we got our first brand new refrigerator, I fell in love with it. It’s just such a great fridge! I am grateful that it works beautifully, and when no one is around, I, um, hug my fridge for being such a fantastically hard worker. No kidding.

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  4. Metan! That looks like a Texas refrigerator! (Or maybe most Texas’ refrigerators look like Australian refrigerators? ) I loved this story and the pics so much! Yee! I am so glad Meeka suggested this idea! It’s really fun. (And weirdly freeing!)

    Someday, I will include the inside of my refrigerator. It’s pretty cleaned up, but that’s because we eat everything in it, all the time. (And I freeze a lot of stuff.)

    Now the rest of my house…. Well, that’s another story isn’t it? (A terrifying story of inept housekeeping.)

    Plus, we still only have one-fifth of our stuff unpacked because we do not have shelves or cabinets. The Husband has finally built the first two cases. I am waiting for them to be finished. : )

    • That is probably the way most fridges look in a place where some of the locals taste so delicious! 😉

      The inside of my fridge is pretty messy, I ‘m not sure I would want it revealed to the world! It is mostly fruit and veg shoved in everywhere with a multitude of sauce and pickle varieties scattered about with a shallow shelf for sandwich meat. (shallow so it can’t get out of hand and poison us!)

      The rest of my house is much the same, some parts neat, the rest mainly messy… Oh well, I ‘ve got better things to do than get carried away with housework!

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