16 comments on “Where are you? 1908, and today.

  1. I’m a midwesterner. Indiana is in the Midwest, Great Lakes region and also known as part of the corn belt region. We can hardly allow ourselves to forget the latter. Cornfields are everywhere!

    Get a load of this search query I got two days ago “mind map for the turbulet life of a parent”. It’s very humorous considering what I blog about, nowhere in the ball park.

    I’m overflowing with numerous questions upon examining my map each day to. For instance recently got a hit from Netherlands Antilles. Never heard of it, up until then.

    • Thank you!

      Some of the search queries amaze me too 🙂 I know that I go off on a tangent sometimes but I wonder how many google pages that person had to flick through before they got to the one that told them I could help them with words that might ..ahem.. make their beloved more amenable! (I hesitate to put the actual search term in case I get moved higher on the search list!!)

  2. It staggers me to think he would assume his friend was dead if there was no answer. Maybe his friend doesn’t take the phone to the loo or the bathroom when he/she showers. Maybe he’s/she’s just had enough of ‘Where are you’ phone calls or is happily asleep. A bit of an extreme deduction I think and one I’m glad my family don’t jump too if I didn’t respond because I happened to be suffering a proctology examination at that moment.
    By the way. I’m in North Wales in a small village called Greenfield near the Holy Well of St.Winifred and the ruins of Basingwerk Abbey which weren’t ruins until Henry VIII got his hands on them. They’re part of a Heritage Park now. Kettle’s on if you’re passing.

    • Thank you! I’ll be sure to let you know if I’m ever out that way, a cup of tea would be most welcome after that long walk 😉

      I thought the same thing, a pity he didn’t foresee messagebank. Just as well people don’t think I am dead every time I don’t answer the phone, if I don’t recognize the number I don’t bother picking it up!

      I suppose he never thought of such an amazing bit of kit being used for the mundanities we inflict on them. “I’m at the shop, which type of pickle do we get? The one with the blue label? Oh, ok, bye” Not really standing at the top of the Andes “I’m king of the world!!” stuff, is it!

  3. Ditto on the telco rant Metan! And ditto on wanting to know who are all these people from exotic locations [to me at least]. I’m envious of your Egypt coz I haven’t had one from there yet. And I’d love some from Japan and Mongolia as well. -sigh- maybe next week.

    • I was pretty excited about Egypt too 🙂 Republic of Korea had a look here today but sadly didn’t leave a comment 😦 darn…

      How bad are the phones out of the major suburbs, eh? The Man had a rant on the phone to telco the other day about our regular dreadful internet speed and he was told that if we were closer to the street the aerial was in it would be better. Hmmm. we are only a few streets away and the aerial is on top of a mountain. I am not sure the farmer will be too happy if I go and park in his driveway with my laptop to speed up my downloads!

      • TV reception isn’t great in Warrandyte but we get channel 2 really well so I’m not that fussed with the commercial channels. Phone and ADSL 2 are ok but not brilliant. All I can say is roll on the NBN!

        • We had about 10 years with no tv reception here at all. The only way we got it was when digital tv came out and we got a set top box. We were very lucky as the worst of the reality shows had already passed their use by without being inflicted on us.

          It was nice to have no telly, even now with a dozen channels there is still nothing to watch (except Castle of a Sunday), it was barely worth spending the money to get it!!

          Internet is ok here until about 5 (I have a wireless stick so I can use it anywhere, just not properly here). Around then suddenly the speed drops so much that 5 emails are too much for it in one go and it just has a meltdown for a few hours! 99% of the population might have something resembling mobile access, but…grrr..

          • Maybe 5 is when all the kids hop online at once?
            Our reception [tv] improved with digital too but our viewing would drive a rating agency insane. I watch the Drum on ABC 24, followed by the news, followed by 7.30. That period covers cooking and eating of dinner. After that we rarely watch anything. Oh! Except for a new 3 part series on ABC 21 – How to Grow a Planet. It is extraordinary!

          • I think so too, my worry is what about the morning when we all hop onto the CFA website all at once? We won’t know we should have left an hour ago because the fire warnings page is still loading… grrrr…

            ABC3 gets a good look in here because of the kids, and the Man loves Restoring Dreams on C31, which drives me mad. I am just annoyed Time Team isn’t on every night anymore!
            How good is How to Grow a Planet? The kids sat up glued to it the other night, as did we. We love that kind of show, a pity it is only 3 parts 😦

          • The CFA website is a problem. During summer I listen to ABC 774 every hot day. I also bought a scanner thingie but it’s just a cheap one and apparently the CFA is going digital so not sure whether to invest in another scanner or not.

            I just loved ‘How to Grow a Planet’! Daughter wandered down while I was watching it and she never went back upstairs again until it was over 😀 Did you see the series he did before? Brain’s dead so can’t remember the title but that was brilliant too. Love the Scottish brogue as well 😉

          • I listen to 774 all the time! I hate the ads on commercial radio so if it isn’t the ipod it is 774.

            We always watch the same type of shows as ‘How to Grow a Planet’. We loved Coast as well, and still love Grand Designs! The accents make those shows even more watchable.

            Thanks for giving me an excuse to put a clip of my favourite Grand Designs house and the lovely and articulate Kevin McCloud!

          • -dance- yes, yes, yes! We are Kevin McCloud addicts too 😀 Grand Designs and Doctor Who – the two shows neither of us ever miss 😀

            I love this episode btw – it’s such a feel good story and the house looks like this big kid’s cubby that I always wanted.

            night night 🙂

  4. Indians here!! 🙂 Well, we watch the stats page too – like it is the stock market. 😛 And just like you, we also think about what is it that helps in getting these hits from different countries? And are you the same people who visit everyday? And if you do visit everyday, why wouldn’t you hit the like or maybe leave a comment…. As for your blog, its interesting to read stuff from decades ago. And I must say, you are doing an amazing job of having to hunt through old newspapers to find us something interesting to read. !! 🙂

    • Thank you! 😀 When I found the digitized newspapers I was in heaven, it was a while later I thought of starting a blog to share them, but I wasn’t sure anyone else would have the same fascination with them as I!

      I wonder the same things as you, are those hits from the same people or are those occasional ones from Republic of Korea etc different ones each time?! I would love people to hit like so I can go and look at their blog too.

      Thank you for sharing :), I expected that you guys were from India but I have a friend whose name is very Indian, and has Indian heritage, but she was adopted by an Australian family from another country altogether!

      It is amazing who we manage to befriend over the internet, isn’t it! 🙂

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