7 comments on “A selective storm. Mount William, 1893.

  1. Ugh – thanks for reminding me! It was bright and sunny a moment ago and now it’s clouded over again.

    I’m normally a bit cynical about a lot of the tall stories that often end up in newspapers but I kind of find this one believable, maybe not in its entirety but weather does do some very strange and inexplicable things.

    I can’t remember where I read or heard this but apparently there is a rare phenomenon where it rains frogs. How or why didn’t stick in my memory but the image of frogs falling out of the sky and splattering against windshields etc has stuck with me.

    Would love to know of any other weird weather events you can dig up!

  2. I remember a few years ago where weather had taken it’s toll on a cliff causing a huge section to fall away into the sea. Left behind was a house with no garden , unless you wanted to potter on the beach below, that was so exposed it could never be sold in case the next slide took it away.
    There was also a storm that had exposed a large hole in someone’s back garden that proved to be over 100 feet deep. The property was built on top of an old mine shaft that wasn’t recorded and the footings of the house proved to be not very good. The rain could have sent the house straight into the hole. I wouldn’t want to try and raise a mortgage on that or pay to have the hole filled with concrete. I wonder if there’s any really safe place to live?

    • Imagine sleepily stumbling out of your backdoor on your way to the car one early morning to find there was no car, and no backyard!
      There are no safe places 😉 Check out where a three storey building used to be in 2010 in Guatemala. If you are not safe in a big building in the middle of a city where can you be!!

  3. It’s been awhile bit I remember an encounter, on a smaller scale, similar to this. There we were the sun bright and shining on the highway and on this narrow strip it was raining. Very strange!

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