10 comments on “Woman pirate. 1929 and 1934.

  1. OMG – that part of Asia must have been like the maritime equivalent of the wild, wild west! I am amazed by the fact that /women/ chose piracy as a career path though. I’m kind of putting 2 and 2 together from one of your earlier posts [soldier boys who were girls] to wonder whether the difference in climate may have played a part in these pirate queens being recognized as female. In the heat they would not have been able to hide their gender so maybe the desire for a more adventurous life is where east met west?

    • I wonder if female pirates were more acceptable than female soldiers? The fact that a woman could tag along with a male pirate and gain respect for her abilities (bloodthirstiness?) would have made it a bit easier. The only way a woman could tag along with soldiers was as a camp follower, that’s not really going to gain you respect in battle!

      It also seems that the women pirates were happy as women, they just wanted to be pirates as well. The women soldiers seemed to prefer life as a man. Even though they are similar I think it is two completely different situations. I would have preferred to be a pirate queen than a soldier though!
      Arrr, me hearties!!

  2. Like some parts of the African Coast now it seems Piracy on the China Seas was almost a family business at one time. There didn’t seem to be an Oriental equivalent to Anne Bonney before now though. Human life is very cheap to some people.
    ps, Did someone once ask Anne Bonney ” Where are your Buccaneers” to which she replied ” One the side of me Buccan head.”
    OK you can groan now.

  3. The woman pirate who led the attack on the Deli Maru was captured and turned out to be a man — a former member of the Hong Kong Special Police

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