14 comments on “A fishy filling in 1948, and horse dentistry in 1901.

  1. I hope the gold was enough to cover the boys pocket money for a few weeks. A lucky find.
    I’m trying to figure out how they got the horse in the dentist’s chair comfortably. I can see the back legs crossed and the front ones on the arms but what did he grip the arms with in fear like I always did. I’d hate to think of the cost of gold and silver fillings in a mouth that big !!

  2. It certainly was a lucky find, I wonder what they did with the gold?

    I would love to see a horse in a dentists chair, I don’t think it had to worry about gripping on to the arms though, it was probably either heavily drugged or tied tightly to the chair so the dentist wouldn’t end up with a hoof to the head! 😉

    I think that those fillings sound more like vanity than dentistry, I can’t imagine that such soft metals would last in a creature that spends all day chewing!

  3. ‘…what medications currently used will be considered inappropriate at some time in the future..’

    Amalgam fillings full of mercury? I try very hard not to think about what those last few amalgam fillings are doing to the rest of my body 😦

    • We put so many chemicals in our bodies, don’t we. The other day there was something on TV (Bite Me, I think it was) and they showed black and white footage of trucks driving down crowded streets spraying billowing clouds of DDT over the excited onlookers. Eeek!

      • Eeek indeed :/ Makes you wonder what is the contemporary version of that DDT that we don’t yet know about. Doh…silly me…we live in polluted cities. That’s one we should know about already.

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