23 comments on “Yowie shouts….?

    • You’ve got it in one! A Yowie is the Australian version of the mysterious hairy-man, Big foot, yeti etc. It is wonderful that someone with proper recording equipment just happened to be where this elusive creature was calling, isn’t it?…. 😉

    • Koalas do seem like cuddly teddies but they are actually not very cuddly at all. They will grip on to a person but they have claws designed for clinging onto trees, unless you are well padded they are not something you want climbing you!

      They are feisty things as well so sometimes you hear that noise times two, then the sound of one of them (the loser) falling out of the tree, sounding like they are angrily smacking into every branch until they regain their grip. They don’t stop the grumping for the climb back either!
      I’m not saying that is the noise the Animal Planet people heard but koalas certainly sound like monsters in the dark 🙂

      I was pleased to find this clip on youtube, I expected that I would only find ones that had the noise and people saying ‘that is a koala’, I don’t really expect anyone to believe they make that noise unless they actually see it!

      • Grumpy and feisty koalas! They do look like real-life teddy bears – just such amazing animals because we have nothing like them over here! How amazing it must be to look up at a tree and see a koala sitting on a branch. I read that they get drunk on eucalyptus too, or is this an urban myth?

        • Sounds like an urban myth to me 🙂 The only thing koalas eat is certain types of young eucalyptus leaves, they rarely even drink water, leaves are all they need!

          I think you can guess that those leaves don’t really give too much nutrition so koalas aren’t a jump-around kind of creature. They mostly sleep right where the leaves are so they just wake up, reach out and eat. I don’t really think anyone would even notice if they were drunk! 😉

        • It is amazing to see koalas in trees, although mostly when you look up all you see if a furry butt! Not their best angle 😉

          There is a place along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria called Cape Otway. It is a short drive from the main tourist road and the entire place is filled with koalas. You have to drive slowly as they could be crossing the road or, more likely, some idiot has stopped their car in the middle of the road to take a photo. If you ever want to see koalas in the wild that is definitely a good place to go!

          There is a caravan park there and the koalas will just be walking around with a trail of people following with cameras. I can’t believe they don’t get stressed by it but they still hang around so it can’t bother them too much.

  1. WHOA. I didn’t know what vocalizations koalas made, but I (wrongly) expected them to be cute sounds, not the sounds of an angry person with a head cold. I knew they had serious claws, but still, I erred on the side of cuteness. Thanks to you, I know better now!

    (And I love how the person taping the koala starts laughing at the end, and says “Charming.”)

    I have never heard of “yowies” either. You teach me new things all the time, Metan! Thank you for that!

    In the spirit of cryptozoological fun, have you ever heard of a chupacabra? That’s one of the mythical creatures thought to be in Texas, Puerto Rico and the Americas. It’s creepy.


    • Yes, I have heard of the Goat Sucker! I love these stories that come up around the world of strange and terrifying creatures 🙂 The poor old Chupacabra though, with that name and being also known as the Goat Sucker, I can’t help that when hearing the name it immediately brings to my twisted mind a giant goat-shaped Chupa chup lollipop!

      The scary koala noise really doesn’t fit their furry little frame, does it? We do see them around here occasionally, even right in the town, and the kids love to get a look at them. I’m just glad they don’t shout in our garden!

  2. Amazing! Thanks Metan. I’ve lived here most of my life and I never even knew that koalas made a noise much less how creepy that noise was! I’m kind of glad there are none in Warrandyte. Even knowing what that awful sound was I think I’d still have trouble sleeping! I think that film crew are in for a great disappointment.

    • It is pretty freaky isn’t it? I am glad they don’t live within earshot of my house!
      I think Animal Planet might well have recorded a scary noise but I’m not too sure about it being a Yowie.

      Many years ago we were camping on one side of a creek, the other side was a steep hill. One evening a terrifying beast began grumpily crashing through the undergrowth on its way down the hill. We could hear it coming for ages and quite frankly, if a triceratops had appeared for a drink we wouldn’t have been surprised. We all waited with bated breath to see….. a wombat. A huge wombat. Not scary at all unless it crosses in front of your car or you are made of grass…

      Just because something sounds scary doesn’t mean it is!

    • Yowies are mythical beasts, but a truthful politician? Doesn’t exist. They’ll have more luck with the Yowie hunt! 🙂

    • Wp mess up? Never! Ok, yes, WP probably have messed up, again. 😉

      Sorry about that, I even had to approve this comment even though it should have gone straight on to the blog as you have commented before. I have noticed that others who are very regular commentors here have ended up in the spam folder a few times recently. Very annoying!

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