11 comments on “A random act of kindness.

    • It was very funny. His look was mainly one of suspicion, he knows me will enough to know I was probably messing with him, but there I was with a lovely bunch of flowers! 🙂

  1. You’re a cruel woman with a heart of stone to tease him so. Just as well you couldn’t maintain it. The gesture from the lady was really nice. Things like that seem few and far between these days.

    • Yes, I am 🙂 It was a lovely thing for her to do and you are right, things like that are far and few between. If only people did more things like that the world might be a happier place.

  2. -giggles- Oh I would love to have seen his face! Re the restaurant – if the staff are so nice I’m betting the whole restaurant is going to be more than nice as well. Please do a little review of it after you’ve taken your Mum there.

    • It isn’t actually just a restaurant, it is probably somewhere you should stay away from if you are anything ike me!

      It is the Paperbark cafe in the Kuranga native nursery in Mt Evelyn. Possibly the worst combination ever for keeping money in your pocket! The nursery is an award winner and just a beautiful place for a stroll, with garden sculptures and interesting native plants. The gift shop will make you want to redecorate your kitchen and the food from the cafe is based on native foods. They do great coffee and cakes even if you don’t want a full lunch.

      We all had a delicious lunch today and the rain even stopped so we could go for a walk through the plants. I managed to resist buying anything, but only just… The one thing I really wanted was the large metal dung beetle rolling a wire poo. 🙂

        • Oh no, go! The plants are very well priced as are most of the things there. It is only when you get to the garden sculptures that the dollars start ticking over… It makes me think I should get the Man to teach me to weld and I could try to make my own!

          • lmao – why do I get the feeling that you’d be very good at welding? Ok, if the opportunity presents itself I’ll go and indulge myself 😀

          • -cough- with the amount of alpaca poop I have I need the real kind of dung beetle. The welded ones are all yours :p

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