7 comments on “A Pirates Punishment. 1905.

  1. Isn’t £3.00 what’s left of the average wage after tax these days?
    You’ve really spoiled my morning Metan having put the mockers on two of my future plans.
    1. Become a Pirate and sail the Spanish main.
    2. Move to Essex.
    I’d already ruled out becoming Danish so that’s OK. And now Church is off the cards too.My options are becoming more limited by the minute.

    • You can become a pirate, just avoid pillaging churches on your travels. Those priests were certainly not practicing forgiveness or turning the other cheek were they? I admit my bible studies are not what they should be but I don’t think flay your enemy is one of the commandments. 🙂

  2. lol – no, but then technically neither is ‘love thy neighbour’ 😀 I guess those priests must have been like shaolin monks or something. Or maybe taxidermists 😦

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