7 comments on “More weddings and wolves. 1895.

  1. Argh! The last paragraph on the bridal party is missing 😦 Possible just as well as I can imagine the rest. Maybe in Russia attacks by such large packs of wolves were commonplace back then or women and children were expendable but there seems to be no censure for the two survivors. So much for chivalry.

    Thanks for ferreting out the whole story Metan. If even a tenth of it is the gospel truth it makes me very glad to be living in a time and a place where such horrors no longer exist.

    I just re-read that last sentence and realised that the tsunami victims of Japan might have preferred wolves…

    • The last paragraph is at the bottom of the left hand column 🙂 When they digitize these articles they don’t always lend themselves too well to being read!

      At any time in history there are terrible things that people accept as the norm aren’t there? They aren’t necessarily happy about it but they probably think there is little they can do. I am sure in years to come there will be reliable tsunami warning systems and that society will look back at the Japanese and Indonesian events and think ‘how did they let that happen?’

      I was glad I found the whole story, sometimes I find the most interesting tidbit and no matter my efforts I find no follow-up! Frustrating!!!

      • Your efforts in archaic research are better than good 😉 I guess sometimes there’s just no more to find because no-one bothered to follow up way back when.

        Re things we get used to. After I wrote that bit about the tsunami it hit me that we live with horrors every day and just never see them for what they are. I had a look at a Freshly Pressed post on the food that Americans eat and what shocked me was that we/they accept the terrible health consequences as ‘normal’. Worse, as a ‘right’. In oz we accept the awful road toll each year as normal too. When you see things in those terms, accepting the predation of wolves no longer seems strange. And that is scary.

  2. Does anyone out there have a wolf they can loan me? It just so happens I have a wedding later this year and after giving the brides father’s speech I might well need the protection. I can always scatter a few photocopies of this terrible event on the bridal table just to give them an idea of what could happen and test the hypothesis about wedding cake at the same time.
    Of course I can’t ensure the sleigh and the snow though you never know with the vagaries of the British weather, what I definitely can’t manage though is a forest in the middle of Chester. However, I do promise to return your wolf in good, well fed condition as soon after the wedding as possible and the experiment ( purely in the interest of science of course) has been conducted.

    • *searches pockets* Damn, I just gave away my last one…

      I would love to see the looks on the faces of the guests when your speech ends with this story, you beat a hasty retreat and the clang of a cage door echoes through the reception hall.

      I can’t imagine that a pack of wolves that large and willing to attack so many people would not be a danger to nearby towns. Surely 120 people would have been something of a discouragement? Makes me think people had even more reason to stay close to home back then!

  3. You know, wolves or wolf hybrids were popular here in the US for the last couple of years. I wouldn’t want one, as I’ve always thought of them as unpredictable when it comes to them being pets.

    • People sometimes have dingo hybrids as pets here and I think the same as you. I’m always suspicious of any large dog around kids. I used to work at a pound, you see all sorts there, owners and dogs!

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