14 comments on “The Gap, Sydney. 1882.

  1. Oh! I’d heard about the Gap but never about that wonderful man. A true hero. No guns just a cuppa and a kind heart. I’m so glad you posted this. If we all just listened sometimes, who knows how many lives we could save or turn around into something more positive.

    • Sometimes all you have to do is listen to what someone is /really/ saying. Just because they say they are ok doesn’t mean they are. So nice that he didn’t just walk away from all of those needy people.

  2. The world needs more Don Ritchies. Who knows what those desperate people go on to achieve after their lives have been saved, and how much good they do for others. I would imagine the funeral will be something to behold if only some of them come out to say thanks and goodbye. I hope whoever moves into his house now cares as much about people as he did. The world will be a better place for having known him and maybe the legacy can live on.

    • The UK Telegraph article commented that often people he had helped left gifts or cards for him, sometimes decades later. It would have been very gratifying for him to know that these people he cared enough to help didn’t just go off and try again somewhere else later and had actually benefitted from his kindness.
      Hundreds of people went to the funeral and I can imagine there would have been hundreds more who were remembering him in their own quiet way that day too.

    • You are right, we don’t unfortunately. I expect that if we did Mr. Ritchie would have had far less visitors.
      My kids have a book called ‘A huge bag of worries’ that they love. In it a girl’s worries make her life hard until they are sent on their way by a kindly lady who sees her crying miserably and asks her what is wrong. I think most adults need a similar story to be told to them at some stage! Just talking to someone can make most people feel better, bottling things up never helps!

    • I’m not sure if it has ever been used in a story. I doubt many Sydney writers would ever use it though, there are still regular incidents there. Even recently a man was acquitted of throwing his girlfriend off there to make it look like a suicide.
      It is a pity a beautiful place has been given such a bad reputation, isn’t it.

  3. WOW. I am amazed. The next time someone asks me the question, “Can one person make a difference?”, I will have a concrete answer. Don Ritchie. Thanks for this moment, Metan!

    • It is lovely to hear of such wonderful people, isn’t it? He was the right man at the right time for so many people. Just shows what can be achieved with the right attitude, I bet he was far more effective with his efforts once he changed tactics and went from restraining to talking.

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