9 comments on “A hard swim.

  1. Amazing what the human spirit is capable of. I’d need water wings before getting into a paddling pool let alone a stretch of water like that.
    Maybe the villagers thought it was a merman who’d last his tail?
    Kids on street corners with nothing to do should be shown this as an incentive and just think how good the next Olympics could be. I don’t suggest they try the aerial and the amputations though.

    • I agree. I hate it when people whine that ‘it’s too hard’. No, you’re just too lazy. I certainly couldn’t swim that far. Yes, it’s because I’m too lazy.

  2. I’m just sitting here with my jaw hanging open. Thank god the flies are gone. Every time I see or hear of someone doing the impossible I find myself cringing at all the little things I put off doing because they’re unpleasant. -sigh- I guess I’d better buck up and go put the rubbish in the bin now :/

  3. I know, how pathetic are we? We should just stop putting things off and do all that stuff we dream of, no excuses! (she says, putting another log on the fire and getting a little more comfy on the couch.) Does beating the kids high score on the Wii count as an achievement? No? Damn….

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