36 comments on “Snake dinner 1933. Spider dinner 2012.

  1. I think if I were there, you might see two clouds of dust and hear an echo running the opposite way. The spider rather resembles Boris who once lived in my bathtub and kept me from having a bath for about eighteen months until I found out he was rubber.

    • Was he rubber when he went in? Perhaps spending 18 months in a tub waiting for help mummified him! Although if you hadn’t washed for that long maybe he was just playing dead in the hopes you went away…peeeeyew… 😉

      By the way, I had an encounter with a vicious Australian critter at work today, a big paper wasp stung me on the hand. I hate to admit it but yes, most things here want to do something mean to you…grrr…

        • I work in an extremely testosterone filled environment. If they were to make a Metan-attacking paper wasp for their own amusement I expect it would be gigantic, made out of phone books, filled with concrete and dropped off the roof onto my unprotected head. 🙂

          The paper wasp that attacked me was similar in size to a European wasp but with a longer skinnier abdomen. They are called paper wasps as they chew up wood into pulp and make nests that look like they are made out of grey paper.

          I learned something today though, after it stung me and I was searching fruitlessly for an icepack to relieve it one of the guys went outside and got a branch of bracken and said rubbing it on would help. I was skeptical but, as no icepack was to be found I gave it a go. Amazingly it worked!

          • I’m glad it worked for you as I know wasp stings are painful. If these ones chew wood into pulp I guess they’re a pest to trees too. Nasty beggars !

  2. Oh that is disgusting! Definitely wouldn’t want to find that spider crawling around.

    I once read that Australia is home to some of the most dangerous/poisonous creatures in the world. Which seems odd to me, since New Zealand is right ‘next door’ and they have hardly any.

    • Those scary creature are something all Australians pride themselves on even if they don’t go out and see them for themselves. You are right though, the trip across the ditch to NZ is not that long but we managed to get all the scary critters on our side!

      Really, we do have scary things but they hardly hang around your front steps waiting for you to leave for work. It is just one of those things we love to scare tourists with! You might be interested in this link to Australian Geographic saying that very thing.

      So many times people from overseas expect that we all have pet kangaroos and koalas which is pretty silly, a bit like expecting Americans to have a bald eagle or buffalo! I think that stirs us to play on the stereotype a little 🙂

      No matter which country they come from, spiders of that size are just terrifying!

      • Thanks for the link! I actually have a pet koala, only he’s an American Koala. At least that’s what we call him. The rest of the world calls him a Bichon Frise 😉

        And yes I’ve never been fond of spiders. I mean after all, a Goliath Birdeater could wander over the S. American border anytime…I’m joking of course, at least I hope I am.

        • You’re welcome 🙂 There are scary things everywhere but I think that Australia is sufficiently far enough away to be a different planet for most people.

        • Aaarrgh! It is the middle of the night here and after replying to you I put down the computer to go outside in the cold and put the bins out. I walk past my car and there is a bl**dy Huntsman spider on it! They are harmless but scarily large and very speedy. Not as speedy as my boot tonight though, ha!

          • There’s one less in the Huntsman population! Ew. I just googled it, that is one nasty spider.

          • I can truthfully say that they are one Australian animal that is everywhere and ready to jump out when you least expect it.

            A while ago a neighbour was doing a bit of tree pruning and I was talking to him out in the street when I noticed he had a huge one on his baseball cap. Casually I said ‘Did you see any spiders?’ trying to gauge his feelings about them before I sent him into a panic. He said ‘oh, do I have one on me?’ then just as casually took off his hat and set the spider free. Eeek! I would have been screaming off into the sunset if it was on my hat *shudder*

          • “Eeek! I would have been screaming off into the sunset if it was on my hat *shudder*”
            Ha, me too. I’ve seen a recent spurt of spiders around here and found a few on me, but I usually get rid of them and then feel sick.

          • Yeah, same here. I think I would have either run for my life or stomped the hat and spider into mush…

      • Hear, hear! The ones that truly give me the heebie geebies are the funnel webs though. If climate change makes them migrate south I am packing up and moving to tassie.

        • Do you get Wolf Spiders in your garden? We get heaps.Man, are they scary when they jump out of their hole at you. Of course they soon realize you won’t fit in their hole and zoom back down! Still freaky though….

          • Sorry I mentioned it! We have heaps of the buggers, sometimes during the year our back hill looks like someone went around with a broom handle and poked holes in the ground every now and again. Only look at this link if you are feeling brave, those beady little eyes…ick…
            One time the man of the house was out in the dark lying on the driveway under the car doing a bit of fixing and the light had naturally drawn in moths and suchlike. Well, the wolf spiders came for the feast and totally freaked him out. You could hear them scurrying around and pouncing on their victims, it was horrid. Car got fixed a bit quicker though.

          • 😦 I had a good long look at those pics and they don’t ring any bells. Mind you I may well have seen them in the garden and just thought they were a version of huntsman or something. What did worry me was that the venom can kill a fully grown dog in hours :/ I have a very small dog who is pretty feisty but cautious. Gods my backyard is turning into a minefield of nasty beasties.

          • I have never heard of a dog being bitten by one, I think the only way they would encounter each other is if the dog dug one up out of its nest. They are kind of like a huntsman but meaner looking and furrier. There are nasty beasties everywhere you look!!! Humans can be worse though, and they are everywhere too. 🙂

          • lol – your last sentence made me think of an armageddon type scene with the last two species on earth facing off against each other – us and cockroaches!

          • As long as it isn’t spiders we would all fight. If it was spiders most of humanity would just run away and leave them to it! 😉

          • Eek… just the thought of armies of spiders makes me feel queasy. I wonder where we could emigrate to? Mars might be nice.

          • Antarctica for mine. Surely it is too cold for spiders and we would get away with wearing our trackies all day to keep warm. (I am conveniently glossing over the lack of food there etc etc….)

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