36 comments on “YMCA and coffee. 1917.

  1. But lovely as that is, what secret are you covering up? Are you going to tell us that all the huts the YMCA lost were pilfered under the greatcoats of the troops who were drinking coffee? Well, I suppose they wanted some home comforts while away.

    BTW. I’m not making light of the war nor of the sacrifice made by so many of the Australian forces as they reached Suvla Bay and the Turkish enemy of that time. I mourn for the dead of all sides in these senseless wars.

    • I understand, I completely respect their sacrifice too.
      I had never heard that the YMCA were supporting troops before. I expect that they lost their huts etc when they were doing their helping a little closer to the front than was safe. Imagine making 60,000 cups of coffee too, wow!

          • I’m far too much a gentleman to mention a ladies age. As for Metan though……… after all, it was she who found the clip. And we know it’s your coffee quota for the week.

          • I’m told she never sleeps ! Actually, now you mention it, like you she seems to be awake blogging when I’m asleep? Drink a lot of coffee too do you?

          • I have young children! The only time I get in my own head starts at about 11.30pm when everyone else has gone to bed and the house is finally quiet! I do my best thinks when everyone has left me alone. Maybe I should start drinking coffee or become a vampire. The man of the house already calls me the nightstalker…

          • Butter menthols…..when I was 19 my idea of a diet was to eat nothing but butter menthols and apples during the day [and one of Mum’s big meals at night]. Worked too. Maybe I should try that again…

          • This comment has put itself in a very strange place! (For another person reading it you should look at my comment about being sick at the bottom first or we will sound a little strange! 🙂 )

            Apples and butter-menthols? That would certainly be a taste sensation! ;P I am not sure if they do me any good, but being sick gives me an excuse to eat any amount of them all in the name of self-medication… I don’t expect that they will help me lose weight though, quite the reverse!

          • @ Metan. Go into wordpress dashboard/settings and, I think ‘discussions’ and change the depth of threads to 10. I think the default is 3. Otherwise comments kind of disappear or end up in the strangest places. lmao – the downside of getting a great conversation going!

            And re the butter menthols – they’re balanced out by the apples…. mwahahahaha!

          • Crikey, I already had it set to 8. I think it is just trying to make us sound crazy!
            I still have issues with Butter-Menthols AND apples…. I might just stick to B-M’s and cuppas for now 😉

          • Best thing for a cold – weak tea with lemon juice [lots] and honey [also lots]. Honey is also great for easing a sore throat at the start of a cold – much better than strepsils.

          • I have been sucking down the Manuka honey, yum 🙂 The only reason I eat the B-Ms is because I can keep them in my pocket at work! (and they taste yum too) I have no expectation that they will improve my health, just my mental well-being!

        • Hey! I did share a few sips with a friendly digger! And… hang on a minute! Are you implying I am now a gazillion years old? Take that back sirrah… or else….

    • I had a look and found mention of an offensive on the Isonzo front in an article for the same month. I can’t tell exactly which offensive they are referring to but after reading quite a few articles I would hazard a guess that they meant the spring offensive in Italy. Please tell me if I am wrong though!

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