15 comments on “Strange snake story. 1918.

  1. Gah! Thank god we no longer have to drive around in horse drawn carriages! And a second vote of thanks goes to the makers of car air-conditioners who allow us to drive with our windows UP even in summer. I’m such a wimp I always keep my car doors and windows closed just to stop the huntsman from coming inside – I’ve had too many close encounters with /them/ in the past. And they’re not even poisonous.

    On reflection I think its most unfair that we have the most poisonous reptiles in the world instead of warm blooded predators like wolves. Oh wait…maybe rabies is not such a great way to go either 😦

    • I do love my cars, (very much!) but I would love to have a horse and carriage to stroll down to the town in. It is not totally unheard of in our little town for people to do that, or ride to the pub and park their horses while the riders refresh theselves.
      That said, the day I first got a car with ac I was one VERY happy person!

      Huntsman in car *shudder*. I just hate it when you find a web. Someone must have made it, so where the hell are they!? Then you live in fear for days that the web-maker will jump down on you while you are driving!

      If we had wolves etc camping would be a far less relaxed option for the weekends! The killer critters we have are bad, but at least they generally only bite when they are surprised by us, they don’t hunt us down and chew off our extremities!

  2. as usual, great post and interesting stories. A de-snakefy is def not something i want to have to do. I think you would hear me from where you are if that were the case. 🙂

  3. I do believe the Australian Tourist Board will be contacting you both later regarding your negative publicity drive. Especially you ACFLORY for reminding people you have the most dangerous poisonous reptiles in the world. Between Huntsman spiders catching you in trees or wherever, trapdoor spiders on the ground, snakes of every hue, sharks and crocodiles not forgetting boxing kangaroos. Remind me again why I should come.
    Anyway Metan……I want to forget this. I’m much more interested today in the little piece at the bottom of the newspaper clipping. Who are the YMCA at war with in 1918, the YWCA perhaps? Have the YWCA bombed their rivals in this latest ‘offensive’ that proved so costly in huts and equipment ? £110,000.00 is a lot of money now so heaven knows what the value was then.It sounds a fascinating little story. A sort of Australian Civil War kept quiet from the rest of the world. I wonder if other YMCA’s had to help out and a British contingent came over to fight?

    • You forgot the cute little scorpions in my woodpile. You should come anyway, just try not to look too delicious. 🙂

      Sadly for the YMCA every time I hear that acronym I can only see the band the Village People. To me this little bit at the end of the article can only mean an army of athletic young men, facing an army of costumed people dancing in unison singing, ‘Young man, there’s no need to feel down……’ Oh the horror! 🙂

    • Your eyesight is better than mine Gunga Din. Any answers metan?

      And re the Tourist Board – I’m just trying to save the next bunch of tourists who come over here expecting to have a holiday and discover that the sunburnt country is not as benign as it looks. Seriously, two more tourists died recently when they were caught in a rip [very strong current] while swimming off one of our famous beaches :/ So be warned! If you come here and want to go for a swim NEVER swim outside the flags on the beach.

      • And if they are going to go off the beaten track make sure they have some rudimentary knowledge of off-roading or at least let people know where they are going!

        I remember a few years ago some English tourists were found having difficulties on the road heading from Adelaide to Perth (2,700ish km). They were biking and had no supplies with them as they assumed that there would be towns every few kilometres along the way. That is a hell of an assumption, and totally wrong!

        • Oh. . . the Nullabor…. they are so lucky to be alive!
          Instead of all those cutesy ads they should be warning tourists about what to expect once they set foot outside the cities. I’m amazed we haven’t been sued yet.

          • I think it is because our cities are so far apart whereas most countries they are far closer together. People then assume Australia is smaller than it really is despite what the maps tell them!

            Really, people should do a bit of research before they travel shouldn’t they.

          • Very much so Metan. I still can’t believe anyone would start riding from Adelaide to Perth with no supplies 😦 I mean…didn’t it strike them as odd that the country was so…dry?

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