15 comments on “Mothers Day. 1929.

  1. LOL, Happy Mothers Day to you for yesterday. My hubby says the same things re the dishwasher. all I ask is that they do everything on the day – I don’t do laundry, they do dinner and clean up etc. And generally be nicer to me.

  2. whoops, and totally agree on the over advertising. As one son put it yesterday, where’s all the advertising and stuff for father’s day. There is too much pressure put on getting just the right gift… why not ask your mum what she wants and let her pick it out herself.

    • Happy mothers day to you too 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your run yesterday!
      I agree, mums mostly want to have a peaceful day with other members of the family taking on some of the boring stuff. I was lucky and they did pick a present that I would have chosen for myself, although a dishwasher would have been nice too…. 😉

      • had to laugh, back on the dishwasher again… yes I enjoyed my run, not so much the start, or the stiff legs today(i didn’t stretch enough yesterday), but it was good to know I could do it.

        • There is no point having something to tease him about if I don’t drag it out at every opportunity!
          I am full of admiration for you actually completing that run. If it were me I think my mothers day request would have been for the Man to have the car waiting at the halfway point and to drive me the rest of the way…. 😉

          • lol, that’s funny, re: the car! I certainly felt like it would have been good heading up the last hill… 🙂

  3. It’s lovely having a grown up daughter! She asked me what I wanted to do for Mother’s Day and was naughty and said I wanted to see a movie in Gold Class /and/ have dinner there… so we did! We saw the new Johnny Depp movie – Dark Shadows and had wedges and spicy salami pizza. The only downside to the evening was that despite having a huge white cloth napkin on my lap I managed to drip sweet chilli sauce all over myself 😦 Next time I eat in the dark I am going to stick to dry foods :/

    Happy Mother’s Day ladies!

    • That sounds like a great present, I want to see that movie too! My mum and dad live in a small unit so it can be quite hard to get her something that won’t just take up space. She got tickets to a stage show from my sisters and a lunch on the day of her choosing at a very delicious eatery in Mt Evelyn from me. Those ‘doing things’ presents are always lovely 🙂

  4. This is brilliant. I think Mother’s Day is a fantastic tradition, and I love that your family knew exactly what you needed— which turned out to be a lovely breakfast and a deadly plant. Belated Happy Mothers’ Day!

    • Man of the House is pretty hopeless at gifts, fortunately the kids are thoughtful little people. My breakfast in bed was unsolicited and perfectly timed and there were hugs all round. A lovely morning!

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