18 comments on “A Clever Rat. 1903.

  1. I’m refusing to rise to the bait as regards the song but who could resist a nice little rat story? Well, certainly not my wife that’s for sure. I always maintained that rats are extremely intelligent animals and I hope that particular one got it’s just reward. However they say there’s an exception to every rule don’t they. I think I have found it / her. Though by far the smarter of the two original rats ( sorry Penny) Amy did clamber up her cage and bit my finger yet when I turned round there was no bear.Perhaps I was the subject of a rat joke I don’t quite understand?
    ps I lied. Music not my cup of tea this time since I can’t understand what they’re saying and it sounds very much like Rap music. Be fair, you have to make allowances for my age. Beethoven is still high in the charts where I am. Gotta say though I love Adele and Duffy, Snow Patrol and a new one by Simple Minds.

    • I understand that the music may not be to your taste, the Man of the House is equally unimpressed with anything of that ilk. While the kids and I are jumping around the house with the music up loud he is retiring to the man cave in the hopes that we all shut up soon.

      When you were nipped by Amy was there a ratlike titter from Penny? Maybe she did like the music and was showing her annoyance at it being turned off 😉

      • No ratlike titter from Penny ( she loves her daddy- the one with chocolate) just an almighty squeal from himself as I ran to get a bandage to stem the flow of blood before I fainted.

        • That is why you didn’t hear the titter, it was drowned out by your girly scream 😉 They have the taste of blood now…da na…da na…da na da na da na… (any excuse for Jaws music)

  2. lmao – just wait until Bernie is a little older Daud. If she learns from Amy then you’re in trouble :p

    Gorgeous story Metan. I’m not a rat-person like Daud but I’m a sucker for any kind of ‘animal saves human’ type story 😀

  3. I thought Fieval was a rabbit in Watership Down? I’m not sure I dare blog the following since I was seen to swear NO MORE. But today we appear to have Pria join us since Ju saw a lone female rat in the pet shop an felt sorry for her. It was Ju who actually left he that way after buying Bernie at the weekend. Next week she knows thy’re putting the males out. I’m just booking my ticket to Llasa for a meditation break till they’re al sold.

    • Poor Priya, does that mean one of the rats is smart and beautiful but the rest of the girls don’t like her? I’m not sure any amount of meditation will get you past this 😉

      • She’s certainly smart and beautiful being a lovely chocolate colour but he girls haven’t met her yet so I can’t say they’ll dislike her. Perhaps they’ll wait until they’re in competition for the boys and then talk about her in a corner. I think you’re right that meditation might not get me past this but it will keep the credit card and wallet in hiding till the boys have gone.

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