12 comments on “Albert Cashier’s secret. 1914.

  1. I don’t know Metan, in a world where we have to fill in more forms than ever I think Mizter is a huge improvement on ‘other’ in the salutations box 😀

    • Thank you 🙂 Defining a woman who would rather people thought of her a man as ‘him’ or ‘her’ with an emphasis on the ‘___’ seems a little rude. As an unmarried woman (but one half of a veeery long-term relationship) I hate the Miss, Mrs or Ms thing. I always say ‘none’ when asked which I am and never fill any of them out on forms. The Man of the House has to be Mr, there are no choices for a bloke, but I am just me. I don’t even want a term for me 😉

      • lmao – good for you Metan. Since my divorce I’ve been calling myself Ms quite aggressively but I may give that all away and just go as ‘none’ too 😀

        • Often when I am filling form in and I say ‘none’ I am told ‘I have to put something’ I just tell them to put whatever they want. It is funny to see them trying to work out what to put and working out if I will be insulted by their choice.

  2. I’ve always found her story interesting and wished there was more info to be had on her. She lived in the next State over from me. I may do a post on her in the future. Great post!

      • During the Civil War there were quite a few who masqueraded as soldiers for both sides. Unlike Hodgers/Cashier they usually resumed their previous lives at the end of the war. Sarah Rosetta Wakeman’s was also a very interesting, but sad life.

  3. If you ‘miss’ putting something in the box on a form they often come back with Mr, in communications. So as our very own Mizter could we be reading about you one day?
    This si a great post and has been a great subject. There seem to have been quite a few who’ve lived like this and it’s funny how many choose to serve in the forces. Perhaps there’s just too much activity going on there for them to be caught and yet you’d think it a prime place since they are literally surrounded by men all day.
    Thanks for the entertainment Metan.
    Hugs. David

    • Fortunately I have never had the Mr problem, if I have left it blank mail always comes addressed to plain old me….

      It amazes me that Albert was never caught after being surrounded by men all day for years on end. Perhaps it is as you say, there was too much activity for her to be noticed. I am glad you’ve enjoyed these stories, it would certainly have been an unusual life for these Mizters 🙂

  4. Bathing wasn’t real big back then, facilities were non-existent and casualties were often such that troops were shuffled in and out with such regularity that I could see how someone who wanted to pull this kind of a ruse off could make it work. Must have been rather nerve-wracking, though, wondering on a daily basis if you were going to be discovered.

    • I imagine they wore their clothes until they just fell off, so group showers were not something that would be a problem, but I can only imagine how many other situations there would have been the chance to get caught.
      No wonder Albert was such a good fighter, if he spent all of his time on edge waiting to be caught I wouldn’t really want to be the one he took it out on!

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